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Khalil Ibrahimi at the Indie Summit discussing programmatic and ad tech

Khalil Ibrahimi, MD at Admedo Discusses The Moment of Inflection at The Indie Summit 2017

Last week Admedo attended and spoke at The Indie Summit, a large scale global two-day conference for independent agency leaders to come together to learn, share and inspire. True to The Indie Summit’s promise I did indeed leave the conference feeling inspired and motivated having listened and spoken to accomplished attendees and speakers who had…

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RTB introduction

Real Time Bidding Explained

RTB has given new life to traditional display advertising. It uses many layers of data to target ads in real time with unprecedented accuracy. The platform processes hundreds of thousands of ad opportunities in milliseconds and decides which one is best for your audience and budget. WHAT IS RTB? Real time bidding (RTB) is a…

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Two men programmatic discussion

Not using programmatic? Here’s why you should be

In a nutshell, programmatic advertising enables you to deliver online advertising with greater efficiency and more precise targeting, to a wider audience. Two key areas that as a marketer you will want to be winning at are: Building your brand Programmatic advertising is a highly effective way of running brand awareness campaigns to your target…

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People in room discussing dynamic creative

4 Reasons why you should implement Dynamic Creative in your programmatic strategy

Dynamic Creative is changing the way that ads are designed and delivered to prospecting and existing customers. Essentially it is creative that auto-generates and optimises in real-time using dynamic HTML5 rich media – across all ad formats and all devices for both prospecting and retargeting. Elements such as call-to-actions, messaging, products, images, price-points can all…

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DMP results, analysis and insights

How a DMP can supercharge your programmatic advertising

UNDERSTANDING YOUR CUSTOMER Understanding your customers is key to successful marketing. A DMP (data management platform) gives you a straightforward way to control your customer data, and gain the insights you need to create more effective campaigns across all your marketing channels. The 3 most notable areas a DMP can help advertisers include: CENTRALISING DATA…

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data insights from a dmp

From Big Data to DMP

Originally published on the IAB Big Data was a term that got thrown around a lot a few years ago and up until fairly recently, it was the ultimate buzzword for the digital marketer. Essentially it was the holy grail to deepening our understanding of customers – their behaviour, their interests, their interaction and equally…

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programmatic advertising basics

Programmatic Advertising 101

Programmatic advertising is a powerful, full-funnel digital marketing channel. As a marketer, you’re interested in meeting your marketing objectives and understanding how new marketing channels can help you get there. Programmatic advertising is a straightforward and measurable channel that can help you drive new sales and increase your brand awareness. HOW DOES IT WORK? Programmatic…

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marketers on laptop discussing data

Harnessing the power of data across channels

With access to a lot of data comes huge amounts of opportunity. A clear method of tracking user data means you can contribute insight back to the rest of your team to accelerate strategies owned by other channels. In this blog post we explore how you feed this information into those channels to achieve a…

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HTML5 creative on a laptop

Why HTML5 Has the Programmatic X Factor

HTML5 effectively allows advertisers to build a microsite within a banner ad thanks to the interactive online ad experience which is created. The demise of Flash ads over the past few years has given way to the adoption of HTML5 animated ads and as such has enhanced the creative delivery through programmatic. There are 3…

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lightbulb moments for fusing programmatic and creative

Programmatic & Creative: Deliver Engaging Content in 6 Steps

WHY MUST YOU MARRY PROGRAMMATIC AND CREATIVE TOGETHER? At its core, advertising is about telling a story to the consumer in order to engage them with the brand. Creative and messaging has gone hand in hand for decades. However, with the rise of digital and the “device-led age”, challenges have become apparent when designing ads…

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