Admedo achieves double-digit growth for Q2

07 Aug 2018 | Press Release

Admedo saw 70% same-store growth for Q2 YoY. Expansion was particularly high across European territories which saw triple-digit growth.

Mobile conversions have continued to rise by 21% as spending has increased from 46% to 50% against the last quarter. Desktop spend remained steady, showing that brands are continuing to increase the budget for mobile. Mobile proves to be a highly influential touchpoint in the consumer purchase journey.

The programmatic marketing company added a diverse range of clients to its roster over the last quarter including property management company Inspired Villages Group, global fashion search engine Lyst, Lucid Agency US and Glance Technologies.

Admedo continues to put the customer at the heart of its technology

Business woman and technology

The desire to ensure customisation is at the core of the Admedo business remains. The mar tech company continued to build on their “alpha” release of Report Templates.

Nick Moutter, CEO at Admedo comments, “This feature will allow clients to have bespoke reporting in the style and structure they need, automatically filled with performance data and fully customised to clients’ businesses. Admedo is constantly striving to ensure clients have all the tools they need when it comes to executing their programmatic campaigns from start to finish. Programmatic media buying should be accessible and tailored to the client’s needs so they can maximise programmatic performance.”

The Government Digital Framework welcomes Admedo

Admedo has been pre-approved to bid for government contracts. The Government Digital Framework enables the public sector to work with agile digital technology suppliers such as Admedo without undergoing lengthy EU procurement regulations whilst it ensures only quality technology suppliers are added.

The programmatic provider works with a growing portfolio of higher education organisations including the University of Derby and University College Cork following a number of successful campaigns.

Bucking the GDPR Armageddon

Like many businesses operating in Europe, Admedo worked hard to ensure compliance with new legislation by May 25th. As part of that, the tech provider joined and implemented support for the IAB Standard Consent Framework. This was designed to communicate clearly to consumers what businesses use their personal data in the advertising ecosystem.

Admedo’s Q2 growth should be taken in light of the impact of GDPR on the ad tech landscape, where some vendors have reported a drop in demand of as much as 40%, according to sources.

“We’ve been working carefully with our customers and suppliers, providing guidance throughout the compliance process leading up to May 25th. And beyond that, we are remaining vigilant of further recommendations from advisory bodies, reacting to changes, and educating everyone along the way,” Marco Santos, CTO at Admedo explains.

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