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Putting the CREATIVE back in ad creative

David Ogilvy: “If it doesn’t sell, it isn’t creative.” So many of us in the adtech/advertising space salute data as the the pivotal driver of successful online advertising. “It’s all in the targeting!” is the rally cry, as we pump our ads out into the ether. We’re wrong. But our misjudgment is forgivable; data-driven marketing…

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marketing programmatic to higher education

Clearing 2015 – How can programmatic advertising help ensure your courses are filled?

At Admedo, I spend a lot of time working with colleges and other higher education providers to help them to target the right prospective students online. There’s no doubt that competition amongst universities looking to attract new students has never been higher. It’s never been more important for higher education marketers to get the most…

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display campaign online

The Secret Behind a Really Great Display Campaign – Our Top 7 Tips for creating Banners that Convert

It is no secret that one of the most important aspects of a successful display campaign is the advertising banner itself (often referred to as ‘creative’). You can optimize and nail down your target group all you want and still not have successful results, all because your offering or creative just isn’t attractive or eye-catching…

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