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Why Marketers Should Be Harnessing Full-Funnel Programmatic

According to eMarketer predications, 70% of all digital display ad spend in the UK will be through programmatic pipes in 2016. Marketers are clearly turning their attention to programmatic technologies, with programmatic ad spend surpassing £2billion this year. What has become evident is the expectation for programmatic to predominantly drive lower-funnel strategies and low-hanging fruit….

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A Higher Degree of Awareness

How to use Programmatic Awareness Activity for Postgraduate Enrolment Welcome the postgraduate loan! For Universities looking to fill more postgrad courses, this incentive for enrolment will no doubt become a central focus in their marketing for 2016 and beyond. And for potential applicants not yet in market, programmatic advertising is a great way to raise…

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How to cut the crap and make your online advertising relevant

Following the IAB’s recent ad-blocking seminar, it’s good to see the call for relevant online advertising moving (if gradually) up the agenda. We’ve witnessed huge growth in programmatic’s targeting capabilities, but the relationship between adtech and its essential human input can lack the kind of symbiosis which makes automation truly perform; ergo, many advertisers are…

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