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hegemonic rule of the few

5 ways to break through the Google, Facebook and WPP hegemony

You can look at the glass half empty, or you can look at it half full. 60% of the UK’s digital advertising marketplace has been sucked up by Facebook and Google along with WPP agencies and similar groups controlling the spend into them. This leaves us with two options; we can either sell up and…

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machine learning

Mastering the Machine

Marketers, breathe a sigh of relief, because the machines aren’t coming after your jobs. The mechanised backbone of programmatic advertising – machine learning – still needs you like a shark needs blood. We need only look to the ‘awkward’ exit of Microsoft’s chat bot, Tay, to see how AI, when left unaccompanied, can malfunction big…

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HR Director for Admedo talking about programmatic

How to Recruit an Outstanding Programmatic Team -The HR Perspective

We talk to Admedo’s HR & Operations Manager, Anthony Dacres, about the joys and challenges of hiring programmatic talent. Anthony, tell us a bit about what got you into the adtech industry. I was previously working as an Operations Manager for a welfare-to-work scheme, getting unemployed people back into work, and moving on, I wanted…

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