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Why HTML5 Has the Programmatic X Factor

HTML5 effectively allows advertisers to build a microsite within a banner ad thanks to the interactive online ad experience which is created. The demise of Flash ads over the past few years has given way to the adoption of HTML5 animated ads and as such has enhanced the creative delivery through programmatic. There are 3…

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lightbulb moments for fusing programmatic and creative

Programmatic & Creative: Deliver Engaging Content in 6 Steps

WHY MUST YOU MARRY PROGRAMMATIC AND CREATIVE TOGETHER? At its core, advertising is about telling a story to the consumer in order to engage them with the brand. Creative and messaging has gone hand in hand for decades. However, with the rise of digital and the “device-led age”, challenges have become apparent when designing ads…

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Engaging consumers through creativity and bright ideas

Putting the CREATIVE back in ad creative

David Ogilvy: “If it doesn’t sell, it isn’t creative.” So many of us in the adtech/advertising space salute data as the the pivotal driver of successful online advertising. “It’s all in the targeting!” is the rally cry, as we pump our ads out into the ether. We’re wrong. But our misjudgment is forgivable; data-driven marketing…

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