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A 2016 Digital Industry Throwback

2016 is drawing to a close, and it’s certainly been an eventful year – and not just in the world of ad tech and digital. We’ve listed a few of our most memorable moments, industry game changers and pieces of news that particularly sparked our interest. Here’s our “Tech Throwback”: JANUARY A Year of Predictions…

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We’re still at the top of the programmatic OOH hype cycle

Nick Moutter, CEO at Admedo asks what needs to happen before the new promised era of Programmatic OOH arrives… Last year, to enable automated trading, we witnessed the first steps towards the launch of a 10-digit code for every UK outdoor advertising frame. This was met with much fanfare from the industry, proclaiming it a…

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A Higher Degree of Awareness

How to use Programmatic Awareness Activity for Postgraduate Enrolment Welcome the postgraduate loan! For Universities looking to fill more postgrad courses, this incentive for enrolment will no doubt become a central focus in their marketing for 2016 and beyond. And for potential applicants not yet in market, programmatic advertising is a great way to raise…

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Mastering the Machine

Marketers, breathe a sigh of relief, because the machines aren’t coming after your jobs. The mechanised backbone of programmatic advertising – machine learning – still needs you like a shark needs blood. We need only look to the ‘awkward’ exit of Microsoft’s chat bot, Tay, to see how AI, when left unaccompanied, can malfunction big…

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How to Build the Purrrfect Programmatic Team

If you’re thinking of building an in-house programmatic advertising team, don’t assume that success relies merely on scale. Even the leanest can become its very own powerhouse – a place where man meets machine. So, who are the protagonists that form your badass in-house programmatic team? THE DEDICATED GENIUS (YOUR DMP) No team is complete…

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