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Why Marketers Should Be Harnessing Full-Funnel Programmatic

According to eMarketer predications, 70% of all digital display ad spend in the UK will be through programmatic pipes in 2016. Marketers are clearly turning their attention to programmatic technologies, with programmatic ad spend surpassing £2billion this year. What has become evident is the expectation for programmatic to predominantly drive lower-funnel strategies and low-hanging fruit….

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Choose the cheeseburger, not the cow: why SMEs need DSP customisation

If you’re shopping for a DSP, you could be forgiven for feeling as though you got yourself lost at a farmyard; it’s messy, it’s noisy, and the smell of shit is everywhere. We checked out some of the advice available online for marketers making this tricky decision, and were uninspired to say the least. Trying…

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Mastering the Machine

Marketers, breathe a sigh of relief, because the machines aren’t coming after your jobs. The mechanised backbone of programmatic advertising – machine learning – still needs you like a shark needs blood. We need only look to the ‘awkward’ exit of Microsoft’s chat bot, Tay, to see how AI, when left unaccompanied, can malfunction big…

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How to Build the Purrrfect Programmatic Team

If you’re thinking of building an in-house programmatic advertising team, don’t assume that success relies merely on scale. Even the leanest can become its very own powerhouse – a place where man meets machine. So, who are the protagonists that form your badass in-house programmatic team? THE DEDICATED GENIUS (YOUR DMP) No team is complete…

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