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Can programmatic solve the University (marketing) Challenge?

Total undergraduate full-time applications for September 2017 are down by 5% compared to this point in 2016. A drop of 7% in the number of EU applications, 23% in the number of nursing applications, a notable decrease in the number of older applicants, and a smaller decrease in the number of 18 year old applicants…

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A Higher Degree of Awareness

How to use Programmatic Awareness Activity for Postgraduate Enrolment Welcome the postgraduate loan! For Universities looking to fill more postgrad courses, this incentive for enrolment will no doubt become a central focus in their marketing for 2016 and beyond. And for potential applicants not yet in market, programmatic advertising is a great way to raise…

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How Higher Education Marketers Can Get More From Programmatic Advertising in 5 Steps

When I speak to Higher Education marketers about programmatic advertising, questions about its efficiency, transparency and general functionality are common. But the overriding query is: how do I know when I’ve chosen the best solution? There’s no simple answer to this, but if you first determine your online advertising goals, there are five fundamental actions you…

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